Entry #1

jay likes wii

2007-07-18 07:10:18 by TheNintenDuder

i like wii...
vote high on my cartoons so i can win moneys so i can buy wii so i can play cool games.

jay likes wii


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2007-07-18 08:07:53

Mwahaha, i will vote low so you don't get a wii! VIVA LA RESISTANCE! :3

TheNintenDuder responds:



2007-07-18 08:29:38

My PS3 shall always be better then your future Wii Jay! Muahahahaha!

...Though you won't have to spend as much money.


2007-07-18 08:46:25

Here's a better idea....why don't you use those amazing art skillz of yours to win a nintendo weh...

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.p hp?id=730536&page=1


2007-08-10 12:00:52

If we win enouph money with our future toons I'll buy a Wii. Then we can play Wii and PS3 at my house and Xbox 360 Elite at Darryls! :P


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